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University Students Coffee Hours-Sharing the Gift of Meditation with Real Life Discussions in an Ecumenical Setting

Oct-19-2021 12:30 PM to Oct-19-2021 01:30 PM   |   Online

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Christian meditation is an ancient form of prayer and spiritual practice, dating back to the desert monks of the early Church and clearly rooted in the Gospels. The silent repetition of a short prayer or a single prayer word (often the name of Jesus) is used to still the mind and allow one to experience the fullness of the present moment where the presence of the Lord dwells.

The Canadian Christian Meditation Community along with the World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM) have organized weekly moderated introductory sessions on meditation for university students. The moderators of these meetings are trained by the WCCM to share the fruits of this practice widely and inclusively in an ecumenical setting across Canada.