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Dehydrated. Is your soul thirsting for God?

Friday, November 10, 2023 07:00 PM to Sunday, November 12, 2023 01:00 PM   |   Manresa Jesuit Spiritual Renewal Centre Pickering
Manresa Jesuit Spiritual Renewal Centre Pickering

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SILENT IGNATIAN RETREAT FOR WOMEN - In summer we are warned, keep hydrated. But what about winter? – in the blahs of these dark and shorter days – how do I keep my soul and spirit alive, fresh, and keeping the “odour of sanctity”? Like the Samaritan Woman, we need to meet Jesus at the well. Facilitated by Fr. Michael Coutts, SJ. Suggested offering: $ 250.00 pp. Includes two nights accommodation, meals, spiritual direction and program.